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Please fill out this form if you'd like to read an advanced copy of Dead Letters by Alexis Corinne in exchange for your honest review on Amazon and Goodreads OR if you'd like to participate in promoting the release. This 90K word novel is my debut psychological crime thriller and it does contain adult language and semi-upsetting content in the form of what the perpetrators have done. 

Desired release date: May 04, 2018

You must have a Kindle address to receive the ARC (and please make sure alexiscorinnebooks@gmail.com is on the list of approved senders to your Kindle). Copies will be sent out Friday, April 20th and reviews should be left on Amazon* and Goodreads no later than Wednesday, May 9th. By submitting this form, you agree to not sell, gift or share this ARC copy with anyone else.

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If you have any issues or concerns please direct them to either my email or Facebook Page. 


*Amazon is my required channel for review. Other places such as my website, Goodreads etc are also appropriate but no pressure!


“My Unlucky Reader”

Those first three words shattered an ordinary spring day, launching the biggest murder case in Volusia County history.

A letter detailing a gruesome murder is found at Stetson University, Officers Sam DeFrain and Jennifer Basil hoped it was just some elaborate prank. Then a hot tip about a missing woman seems to tie into the letter’s claims…

When the killer begins rapidly branching out from morbid curiosity to becoming a full-blown vigilante, Sam and Jennifer must do whatever it takes to stop the murderer from striking again.

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